Monday, September 24, 2007

You're a good person!

I know that Mike Pacchione has made our blog his homepage in an incredible gesture of friendship, and so I wanted to reassure him every time he opens his web browser.

You're a great person, Mike.

So it's September. Temperature drops a few degrees, gourds and pumpkins are all the rage, I'm wearing a lot of orange, and Em made a tasty squarsh dish called "Winter Hash" - welcome Fall! Fall was ushered in timely fashion during our first family camping trip, so Em and I got really cold up around Mount Hood last weekend. We thought we got frostbite, but Wikipedia says that's impossible for another 35 degrees or so. We had a great time, made a big campfire and snuggled in a double sleeping bag which can be made by taking a right zip and a left zip version of the same sleeping bag and zipping them together. Take that, Ready Made!

So... what else? We went to the beach with some great friends this past weekend and had a reading frenzy. Everyone brought their coolest reading material and we read it all. It was so great! We hiked and walked on the beach as well, just so you don't think we read too much.

Today is Emily's birthday. It's weird to think that we've only known each other for three birthdays each. That's nothing! That's shorter than high school! It struck me that we have a long stretch of birthdays together in front of us, and I decided to pace my gift giving accordingly. She hasn't gotten her gift yet, but I think it will make sense to her when I explain the big picture.

We've applied to residency programs and we're starting to hear back about scheduling interviews. It's a crazy time in our lives, and it's really hard to accept this time as transition and not start up involved hobbies like skydiving certification or a book club since we might be moving in June. We'll try to keep you posted on the process, but it might be easier to do in person since we'll be all over the country from now until next April. Maybe all over the WORLD!

Just the country, actually.