Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Packing highlights

Does anyone actually LIKE packing? I have been trying to find the redeeming factors, mostly so that I actually DO it. Like the organizational component, the knowing what actually lurks in your storage compartment part, and the redecorating potential in the new pad. So far, none of these things have actually been inspirational or motivating.

Yesterday I bought a huge roll of bubble wrap. Happy Earth Day, huh? I drew the line at buying styrofoam packing noodles. (I swear, that is what they are called) I should have biked to Target at least.

OH, I did have one fabulous moment last night when I stumbled upon an entire box of old photo albums. I've been obsessed with taking pictures for as long as I can remember and digital technology was unfortunately not soon enough in coming. But I do have some great moments recorded on film at least:

1. Mt Hood skiing trip where we discovered a closet full of ski gear from the 70's and 80's (complete with dumb and dumber style fur boots) and donned them on the slopes.
2. Bad college highlights. Enough said. Oh wait, and strange college weight fluctuations.
3. More college moments: combos, Adal's runs (*Ding* tortilla!), beach beach and more beach, sunburns, Corvette's, 2SK, princess-style sorrority banquets, intramurals, crushes, etc, etc...GOOD TIMES!
4. Halloweens from many years past incuding classic costumes like the angel, the devil, cowgirls, hawaiian, jelly fish, catwoman, and does anyone remember "blue"?
5. Epic 6 car caravan WA-SD road trip complete with a Dave Matthews concert. It took 40 hours in case you were wondering.
6. The birth of my adorable niece Tay and nephew Elliott.
7. My sister's wedding
8. The invention of the digital camera (Phew!)...I don't actually have a picture of that.


Mackenzie said...

that's exactly what happens to me when i pack - i get stuck looking at all the stuff that I should either (a) get rid of or (b) organize so i can enjoy it more often.

we'll be doing the whole packing thing pretty soon here too but i'm looking forward to it so i can get rid of junk lurking in our closets and start planning what my office is going to look like!! maybe i can send some of my packing motivation vibes up your way...

matt and whitney said...

MT Hood ski trip. Dumb and Dumber boots and Neon clothing. Enough said. Beautiful memories! Thanks for the highlights :) love you! xoxo

Giancarlo said...

Way to cut down on the exclamation points.

Kimberly Smith said...

wow...i actually haven't packed in over 4 years!! Amazing considering before that i was doing it at least twice a year!

It's getting into that new place so much fun though!!?