Thursday, May 29, 2008

No place like home?

There should be a word to describe the hazy restless half-awake state produced by too many hours confined to a small seated space traveling across oceans with a 4x4 inch personal entertainment console in your face and intermittent oddly timed meals. It's cause is probably more closely related to the time difference upon arriving and the bodily confusion of living the same day twice. Okay, so that is why I'm up blogging instead of sleeping.

We had an amazing trip.

The grand finale after leaving Thailand was a 3 day stint in the hectic but beautifully organized East-West fusion that is Hong Kong. We ate Dim Sum, had a tea lesson, and fell in love with Dragon fruit martinis. We also saw the largest, sitting, outdoor, bronze Buddha which definitely rounded out the collection of Buddhas we've seen recently.

Oh, and after hanging out in the fast-paced financial district full of sassy young professionals with ubber cool blackberries, Ryan coined a new term. "Thumbling" is the act of proceeding awkwardly or slowly forward while texting/browsing on your phone/PDA/iphone. Just think of the possibilities with this word--you can "thumble" into someone, perhaps you were brutally "thumbled" today, or maybe we should make a T-shirt that says "DON'T THUMBLE AROUND." Are you guilty?

There are many more stories, memories, and pictures (circa 3K?) to share but I think I'll leave that until later and try to get some sleep. For now, it is good to be home.


matt and whitney said...

welcome home! i am occasionally a guilty thumbler...however, i have never caused a thumbling collision. walking or driving. love the term ry, by the way.

we will be in OR for a week in July...any chance we can meet up somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Clever word - thumbling - I think on a t-shirt sold over the internet you could both retire early...what do ya say? Glad you're home...glad, glad, glad...congrats to the grad..Dr. H!!! Sooooooooo exciting! and love to the son...of course..always, love to the son and dilwil.....

Kimberly Smith said...

welcome home!
so sad i missed you in wa :(

i'm totally a thumbler by the way..think of a name for me doing it on my bike cause that happens too...i know...scary!