Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Voted off the Island

I threw up. But you must understand it was an all night train ride sitting erect followed by a windy bus ride and then finished with a grand finale 2 hour twisting turning rolling ferry ride in the rain. I hate admitting to sea sickness, but that last one did me in.

However, upon arriving to Koh Tao it all was immediately completely worth it. Wow. This place is unbelievably gorgeous and like nothing we've seen before. Gray rocks jet up from aqua waters that caress the whitest of sands. Then, from behind the beach, a cacophony of jungle sounds. It is much like paradise until the Thai staff at the Beach Bungalow Resort start waving their hands around pointing at the looming black clouds and sheets of rain visible on the ocean shouting "RAAAAIN"! And then the wind turns evil. We've had actually more of that since we've been here then the pristine sunny part I started out with. But it's still really cool. Just difficult to dry out--ever.

It's not the same cyclone that hit Myanmar, not even close, but apparently there are a few storms running around SE Asia right now.

So we've hiked to the volcanic peak on the island where we harvested a jackfruit but were ulitmately unsuccessful in our efforts to open it. And we've walked and talked and read and swam, and today we even got a couple of dives in during a sun break. ("Sun Break" for those of you not from the NW, is a short period of time during which you actually see and feel the sun. You notice it, define it, and take advantage of it because of the general absence of sun.) It's ironic that I'm defining that since we came here partly for SUN!

But we are happy, and there are still many many islands to explore.

Oh, one more thing: THE HUGEST SPIDER WE HAVE EVER SEEN WANTED TO SHARE OUR ROOM LAST NIGHT. And after a small battle involving chacos, water, flashlights, and a lot of laughter. It won. And there was consequently less sleep. Enough said.

Love to all!


Anonymous said...

My dear children - be safe - be well- keep sending blog messages so your loving family knows all is well. There is much activity in that part of the continent. Earthquakes in China now....very big! Cyclones...please be careful. Prayers are with you!
Love, Mom H

Jlbeck said...

I have to ask...how big was this spider?! You two are well traveled and have seen many arachnid. Thanks for the update, happy you are well. We'll hope for more sun and dives. We're looking at mid 80's here in the PNW. Makes me feel less jealous to say that!

Mindy Haidle said...

super jealous of your time in such a unique place! Glad you made the time for this trip. I think that you will be much better prepared to dive-in upon your return. Make a list of all the best places for us to visit! Much love, Team Haidle

Mackenzie said...

so glad to hear of the adventures you two are having. we got your CUTE graduation announcement in the mail last week! thank you!

btw, em...that was some fine blog writing ;) impressive.